10 dead and dozens ill in Cambodia

CAMBODIA : Six people died earlier in the week after eating the barbecued carcass of a dog believed to have been found by a roadside.

Four others from the same remote village in the Kratié (or Kraches) province in the northeast of the country later died after consuming the meat as well as drinking rice wine on Tuesday.

The deaths began on Sunday after a 76-year-old man died several hours after cooking and eating the dead dog.

In a macabre twist, guests at his funeral, which was held the following day, also ate the leftover dog meat and were rushed to the hospital with acute food poisoning.

The deaths are in region of Cambodia where canines are regarded as a delicacy.

According to Kong Kimny, governor of the Snoul district in northeastern Kratié, up to a 100 people are thought to have suffered food poisoning from the tainted meat.

“These people like eating dog meat but previously have never had any problem,” he told AFP.

“It is the first ever case of its kind to happen in the district.”

Samples of the dog meat and wine had been collected and sent to the capital Phnom Penh for testing.

Cambodia is notorious for lax health and safety standards with cases of mass food poisoning commonplace.

Source @ 10 dead and dozens ill after eating rotten dog meat in Cambodia

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