Cuban fighting Ebola in Guinea dies of malaria

HAVANA, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) — One member of the Cuban health team fighting Ebola in Guinea died of malaria on Sunday, Cuba’s state daily Granma reported on Monday.

Jorge Juan Guerra Rodriguez, a 60-year-old economist, died of “cerebral complications arising from malaria,” Granma cited the Ministry of Health as saying.

Guerra arrived in Guinea on Oct. 6 with the vanguard team of the medical brigade from Cuba to join international efforts to fight Ebola.

But he came down with symptoms of diarrhea on Oct. 22, “which was related to a food problem, and recommended treatment by doctors in our brigade,” the ministry said.

Guerra was treated with antibiotics at a local hospital and had “shown clinical improvement,” the ministry added.

However, his condition worsened, and he was diagnosed with malaria on Oct. 24 and died on Oct. 26.

“Due to his economic duties within the brigade, he had no contact with the Centers for Ebola Treatment nor with patients,” the ministry said. “Despite that, two tests were done to detect Ebola and the results came in negative.”

Cuba has sent 256 medical workers to Ebola-hit Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, in response to a UN call for greater international involvement in fighting the deadly epidemic.

The killer Ebola virus has left about 5,000 people dead and over 10,000 others infected since its outbreak in West Africa.

A total of 450 health-care workers are also known to have been infected and 244 have died, according to the World Health Organization.

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