Drop in dengue cases in Myanmar

MYANMAR : Mandalay Region – Dengue fever cases have plummeted in Mandalay Region this year, with health officials attributing the dip to effective pesticide spraying and cyclical trends of the disease.

Last year there were 6442 cases of dengue and 17 deaths in Mandalay, a large spike in a year that saw a regional uptick in the viral infections.

With rainy season – the time of year when dengue infections are most common – winding down, Mandalay has noted 951 cases from January through August, one of which was fatal.

“Throughout monsoon season, Mandalay City Development Committee, the Ministry of Health and Sports, and the Department of Public Health have carefully conducted preventive measures which contributed to a sharp drop in the dengue fever infection rate, as well as to a decrease in the death rate. In particular, we ensured weekly or in some areas even daily sprays of mosquito repellent,” said Dr Win Naing, the regional head of the Department of Public Health.

Mandalay district has seen the highest number of dengue fever infections this year with 510 cases, while 56 cases have been reported in Kyaukse, 52 in Meiktila, 150 in Myingyan, 12 in Nyaung-U, 133 in Pyin Oo Lwin and 38 in Yamethin, according to the department’s figures.

“We’ve carried out spraying and disinfecting for mosquitoes every Friday, especially around schools,” said Dr Win Naing.

Mandalay recorded 224 cases of dengue fever and one fatality in 2012, which sharply increased to 2288 cases and 20 deaths in 2013, and 2028 infections and 20 deaths in 2014. Last year was the highest number of cases recorded in Mandalay.

Health officials attributed last year’s spike to severe seasonal flooding which caused poor sanitation – and the perfect mosquito breeding grounds – and to cyclical “peaks” that can occur every four or five years.

Dengue fever has been recorded in Myanmar since 1965.

Source @ Drop in dengue cases in Myanmar

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