H1N1 has risen to 14, infected 110 in Myanmar

MYAMMAR : Mandalay City – reported its first two cases of confirmed H1N1 infections as the government assured the public that the outbreak remains under control despite the rising death toll and the rising number of people infected by the deadly virus.

The two cases of confirmed infections in Mandalay were reported by the Mandalay General Hospital, a regional official said.

“We know that it’s exactly a seasonal flu yesterday,” the official said, asking not to be named as he is not authorized to speak on the issue.

“Proper medical treatment is given to them so that their health condition will improve. We’ve taken proper caution so that it isn’t life-endangering. We’ve also taken proper care so that the disease doesn’t spread,” he added.

The two new H1N1 patients are a woman from Yamethin township and another woman from Ohne Chaw village in Mandalay ward.

“Their infections are not life threatening,” the official said.

The official also advised that since the seasonal H1N1 flu outbreak was first reported late last month, the public needed to take necessary precautions against it, and the main thing to do is to build and maintain a strong immune system.

“As there are now two flu patients in Mandalay Hospital, proper precautions must be taken so that it does not spread among the people. Prevention methods must be carried out carefully.” said Mandalay resident U Hla Myo.

Two more hospital patients showing symptoms similar to H1N1 are under observation, according to the regional health official.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health and Sports confirmed that the death toll from the H1N1 outbreak has risen to 14, with a total of 110 infections. Even though the first death occurred July 21, the outbreak was not declared until July 24.

The ministry reported that 305 patients with severe respiratory illness have been hospitalised and 110 patients among them were confirmed H1N1 positive as of August 3.

Emergency assistance from India arrived Wednesday to help the government deal with the outbreak. The aid included vaccine, diagnostic kits, Tamiflu syrup and tablets, as well as special masks.

Source @ H1N1 has risen to 14, infected 110 in Myanmar

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