H5N6 outbreak in Vietnam

VIETNAM : Nam Dinh Province – in northern Vietnam has announced an outbreak of the highly pathogenic bird flu virus H5N6 at two communes.

A statement from the province, which is around 90 kilometers from Hanoi, said it has culled more than 3,300 sick fowls and managed to contain the outbreak.
Agriculture officials said the virus strain can be passed to humans and it is as dangerous as H5N1.
H5N1 has killed 65 people in Vietnam, one of the highest fatality rates in the world, since it recurred in 2003.
Vietnam has reported only a couple of bird flu outbreaks this year, but the agriculture ministry said in a statement earlier this month sporadic infections had been reported.
“So there are risks of possible outbreaks across the country,” it said.

Source @ H5N6 outbreak in Vietnam

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