Infectious diseases kill 1,276 in China

CHINA : BEIJING – A total of 1,276 people died as a result of infectious diseases on the Chinese mainland in October 2015, official figures showed.

Last month, a total of 542,178 people tested positive for infectious disease on the Chinese mainland, according to a statement released Wednesday by the National Health and Family Planning Commission’s website.

Two cholera cases were reported, but with no deaths, and no cases of plague were reported. Both diseases are categorized as Class A infectious diseases, the most serious, under China’s Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases.

Of October’s total, 280,296 cases were Class B infectious diseases, which resulted in 1,268 deaths. Hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, dysentery and schistosomiasis accounted for 91 percent in this category.

In addition, category C diseases were responsible for 261,880 cases and eight deaths. Foot-and-mouth disease, infectious diarrhea, and mumps were the most prevalent in this category.

Source @ Infectious diseases kill 1,276 in China

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