MBDS eNewsletter: October 2018

Dear MBDS Colleagues,


MBDS has updated regular MBDS XB exchange report from active MBDS cross border (XB) sites, MBDS XB Presentation with analyzed data and MBDS XB compiled data in MBDS website.

The report describes the total number of cases and death from MBDS prioritized exchange report. Data in the report are from all MBDS active XB sites and are categorized by 24 hrs, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

The MBDS XB presentation shows the analyzed data from MBDS XB active sites with prioritized diseases and member countries exchanged data analysis are seem in the presentation.

MBDS has also compiled all XB information shared data of prioritized diseases from MBDS XB active sites.

The MBDS XB exchange reports, analyzed presentation and compiled data are uploaded in this link.

Upcoming International Events

18th Annual ISDS Conference in San Diego, CA on 29 Jan – 1 Feb 2019                   (https://www.healthsurveillance.org/general/custom.asp?page=2019Sponsor)

Recent Update

MBDS SO has been updating Regional and International disease information on MBDS website. (https://www.mbdsnet.org) and those updates can be easily accessed via MBDS Facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mekong-Basin-Disease-Surveillance-Foundation/171594702857081).

Useful links

MBDS has been updating useful links (Disease Surveillance Networks, Health Related Links, Links for Disaster Management, Research Links, Global Conference Alerts and Others Links) on MBDS website. (https://www.mbdsnet.org/useful-links/)

Sincerely yours,
MBDS Foundation Secretariat

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