MBDS Meeting Document – Year 2000

BDS Meetings, 2000 Siem Reap, Cambodia July 11-14, 2000

MBDS Meeting Document For The Year 2000. Brief Description of the decisions taken at the Cambodia meeting.

Policy makers, contact persons from the six Mekong Basin countries, the representatives from WHO/WPRO/SEARO/country offices, SEAMEO TROPMED and RF met for 4 days to review the progress and discuss the future development of the project. Major decisions taken at the meeting were:

Reform of the management structure. It was agreed that a governing body, i.e., the Executive Board; and implementing body, i.e., a Coordinating Committee and a project coordinator office will be set up. It was also agreed that there will be an annual meeting of the Executive Board back to back with the annual scientific meeting. The host country will go by alphabetical order, starting with China in 2001. The member of the Executive Board from the host country will be the Chairperson, and the member from the next country will be the co-chair. The project office will be set up to enable the most efficient use of resources. It was agreed that the office will be in Thailand in the meantime. There was a proposal to create a MBDS Trust to provide sustainable long-term support for the project. The legal status, the source of funds, and the management structure will be explored and established at the first meeting of the Executive Board. All international organizations that joined in this meeting expressed strong support for the MBDS project. Existing regional and international health cooperation agreement/structure should be used to provide additional support for the implementation of the project. A draft memorandum of understanding was jointly prepared and was expected to be signed by the Ministry of Health of the six countries in the next three months. The MOU will provide the legal and policy framework to facilitate future implementation of the MBDS project.

Memorandum of Understanding

This memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was jointly prepared and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the people’s Republic of China, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Union of Myanmar, the Kingdom of Thailand, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, hereafter referred to as ‘partners’. The purpose of this MOU is to establish a legal and policy framework to facilitate the cooperation among partners in the implementation of the Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance project (MBDS), hereby referred to as ‘project’. Under this MOU, the partners agree that:

The project aims at strengthening national and sub-regional capabilities in disease surveillance of, and outbreak response to five priority diseases, in order that they can be rapidly and effectively controlled. This would also provide essential information for the development of health and social policy to finally reduce the burden arising from them.

The priority diseases are Dengue Infection, Malaria, Severe diarrhea (including Cholera), Vaccine Preventable Diseases, and Outbreak of diseases with sub-regional significance.

The scope of the cooperation includes system development, institutional strengthening, human resource development, information exchange, joint outbreak responses and other joint activities.

The project recognizes that there are many other existing cooperating mechanisms on disease surveillance and partnership building is one of the main focuses of this project.

The project is responsible to an Executive Board comprising the policy makers assigned by the partners, and other stakeholders. The project implementation will be carried out by the Coordinating Committee, comprising the contact persons assigned by the partners.

A permanent coordination office will be established in Thailand, in the most effective and economical manner.

A five-year action plan will be developed and approved by the Executive Board. This will provide the milestones for the implementation. The action plan can be revised at each annual meeting of the Executive Board.

The partners are committed to provide strong support to, and participate actively in the project. The partners are also committed to mobilize adequate resources, nationally and internationally, to support the project.

This MOU will be effective from the date of official endorsement by all six ministries. The effective MOU will last for 5 years and can be revised or renewed. Completed in Siem-Reap, the Kingdom of Cambodia on June 14, 2000 in duplicate in English languages for eight originals.

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