MBDS Meeting Document – Year 2006

MBDS EB and CC Meeting 20th – 21st February 2006, Bangkok, Thailand

MBDS EB and CC Meeting (2006)

Executive Summary

  1. MBDS EB and CC (Special Section) was held in 20-21 February 2006 at Holiday Inn, Silom, Bangkok, organized by MBDS Coordinating Office.
  2. The participants are EB chair, Cross border chair, Country coordinators and associate Country coordinators from MBDS member countries and Directors from Rockefeller Foundation, Director from NTI, representative from ProMED ,WHO, Mahidol University, IEIP Project, and MOPH Thailand.
  3. EB agree following decision in this meeting:
    a. EB agree upon National Desktop workshop for each country at July 2006 and Regional Simulation Workshop at September 2006. To develop draft proposal for regional simulation exercise plan for AI preparedness: Draft proposal from 6 members countries need to send to Coordinating office by the end of March and after that CO will communicate with Dr. Mark for further process.
    b. Evaluation and Monitoring of MBDS Project EB approved TOR for external evaluator and decide Dr. Pratap is first choice for external evaluator as well as team leader for evaluation. Dr. Khanchit will be second choice. One team member will be from WHO at WHO expenses. MBDS Project coordinator will participate as a facilitator in evaluation Team.
    c. Extension of MoU The content of MoU should cover/reflect common efforts among MBDS countries in trying to solve the public health emergency for international concerns caused by several types of communicable diseases. EB requested each country to identify common areas to be included in the contents of the next MoU and such ideas need to be sent to MBDS Coordinating Office in Bangkok by end of March 2006. MBDS Coordinating Office will put together all the comments/ suggestions from each country into a draft ( 1st Draft) and send it back to each country at the beginning of April 2006 for further revision and to be ready to discuss in workshop during Annual MBDS meeting at Siem Reap. (Beginning of June 2006)
    d. It was agreed that the EB would investigate options for MBDS structural evolution as a regional entity. Results of investigation to be presented at annual meeting in June, 2006.
    e. Annual MBDS EB and CC meeting Agenda: EB agree on next annual MBDS meeting Venue at Siem Reap, Cambodia. Time will be tentatively on 1st week of June, 2006 and agree on following
      Tentative Agenda:
        – Finalization of 2nd draft MoU – Hand over of Chairmanship from Myanmar to Thailand – MBDS future strategic direction: ACMECS Regional collaboration ( Other institutes & Foundation) Evolution of MBDS as regional entity – Submission and presentation of evaluation report
  4. GIS Dr. Pratap from Mahidol University will continue to support GIS training as part of MBDS Capacity Building
  5. Submission of transmission letter to Dr. Mark, Director from NTI from MBDS countries representatives.
  6. Welcome suggestions , information and date for improvement of webpage from MBDS coordinator.
  7. Closing remarks were given by Cross Border Chair, Dr. Kate from RF, Dr. Mark from NTI and Dr. Marjorie from ProMED and the meeting is successfully finished at 17:00, 21, Feb 2006.

MBDS EB and CC Meeting 1st – 3rd June 2006, Cambodia

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