MBDS Meeting Document – Year 2007

MBDS EB and CC Meeting
6-8 August, 2007 Beach Dang Hotel, Danang, Viet Nam
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The summarized suggestion and comments from development partners as followed:
the Rockefeller Foundation: would like to support on ICT and animal/human interface community based areas;
NTI will continue to support MBDS and will cooperate with other partners to identify which area they might interested in to avoid duplication; Dr. Tailor also mentioned that NTI is happy to support the MBDS on capacity building, especially on technical capacity building., equipment and training, network based data sharing, NTI will also help MBDS to generate funding from other partners and also hope MBDS could share and learn experience from other regions.
the RAND corporation suggest that MBDS countries should apply the lessons learned for country and regional TTXs, and identify in what stance the MBDS will be in the next 5 years. They also suggest that MBDS could publish some of outcome to let more people know about MBDS.
the ADB suggested that MBDS should build regional capacity of preparedness and technical supports, on the cross border sites, they suggest that MBDS should develop criteria for site collection and take operational test.
the Google Foundation is willing to provide MBDS with new technology for ICT.
the Kenan Institute Asia is willing to help MBDS on the issue of expanded cross border site.

MBDS Country Coordinators Meeting
8-9 October 2007,
Montien Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

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MBDS Member Countries:
Dr. Sok Touch, Country Coordinator
Dr. Ly Sovann, Associate Coordinator
Dr. Cheng Chun, Associate Coordinator
Dr. Xu Wen
Lao PDR:
Dr. Bounlay Phommasack, Executive Board Member
Dr. Nyphonh Chanthakhoummane, Country Coordinator
Unable to Attend
Thailand :
Dr. Suwit Wibulpolprasert, Executive Board
Dr. Kumnuan Ungchusak, Country Coordinator
Dr. Preecha Prempree, Associate Coordinator
Viet Nam:
Dr. Nguyen Dang Vung, Country Coordinator
Dr. Tran Thanh Duong, Associate Coordinator
Development Partners:
The Rockefeller Foundation:
Dr. Katherine C. Bond, Associate Director
Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI):
Dr. Louise S. Gresham PhD, MPH
The Rand Corporation
Dr. Melinda Moore, Sr. Natural Scientist
Kenan Institute Asia
Mr. James Hopkins, Manager PH Program
Ms. Ratikorn Kuptarat, DeputyManager
Ms. Phungpit Kaewphet, AI Coordinator
UN System (UNSIC)
Dr. Koji Nabae Influenza Coordinator
MBDS Coordinating Office:
Dr. Moe Ko Oo, Coordinating Officer
Ms. Nattanun Siridiraseth, Office Secretary
Ms. Anita Horton, Technical Advisor
Mr. Thomya Pukkananuan, Media Support Staff
International FETP Thailand
Dr. Potjaman Sirirayaporn,MD.,PH.,Manager
Ms. Vanlaya Srethapranai, Coordinator
Khon Kaen University
Ms. Kanokwan Suwannarong, Lecturer
Ministry of PH, Thailand
Dr. Teerasak Chuxnum, Epidemiology
Executive Summary of Meeting
On the 8th of October at 9 AM, the Coordinating Committee (CC) Meeting was officially opened with remarks given by Dr. Suwit Wibulpolprasert, Executive Board member from Thailand and Dr. Nguyen Dang Vung, Country Coordinator from Viet Nam and current CC Committee Chairman.
In the morning sessions that followed, Dr. Vung presented a review of the MBDS Strategic Plan including its 7 strategic components and Dr. Bounlay Phommasack (Lao PDR Executive Board Member) presented the principals and guidelines for the MBDS plan for the next 6 years.
After those presentations, Ms. Anita Horton, technical expert for MBDS, presented alternatives for the formal establishment of MBDS as an organization. Ms. Anita also submitted to each of the Country Coordinators associated letters and documents recently sent to EB members. Those letters were signed by Dr. Nguyen Hoang Long (MBDS Executive Board Chairman and EB member representing Viet Nam) and requested comments from each member country’s EB representative before 30th October, 2007.
All country coordinators presented draft plans for the strategic components for which their country had the leading role. Then all participants were divided into two working groups. One group discussed four components: cross-border cooperation, human animal interface, community surveillance and epidemiology capacity building. The other group discussed three components: ICT, laboratory development and risk communications.
The final presentation of the first day was given by Mr. James Hopkins (Program Manager for the Public Health Program of Kenan Institute Asia) concerning KIAsia’s support for MBDS strategies through joint action programs on CSR in border areas.
Dr. Vung summarized the first day meeting activities and agreed that all MBDS CCs needed to present preliminary proposals on 9 Oct, 2007.
His Excellency, Dr. Mongol Na Songkhla, Minister of Public Health from Thailand, joined the all meeting participants in a dinner at 7pm in a private function room of the Montien hotel. During dinner, Dr. Vung, Dr. Suwit and His Excellency Dr. Mongol, on behalf of all the MBDS members, expressed their appreciation to Dr. Katherine Bond from the Rockefeller Foundation for all her years of support and friendship, and their best wishes for her new assignment in Kenya, South East Africa.
The second day of MBDS CC Meeting began at 9 am, on the 9th of October 2007 with a presentation by Dr. Melinda Moore, The Rand Corporation, concerning MBDS policy research components in relation to follow up from MBDS regional TTX. After thorough discussion of Dr. Moore’s presentation, each MBDS CC presented their preliminary proposal based on the work of the breakout groups of the previous day. The CC presentations focused mainly on their strategic goals, specific objectives and activities.
Based on those presentations and discussions amongst all participants, the meeting reached a decision through consensus on the following:
1. The MBDS Coordinating Office, assisted by Ms. Anita as a technical advisor, will prepare the main content of MBDS 6 year action plan proposal based on preliminary presentations of the leading country’s CC .
2. Each country will prepare a full proposal with a budget breakdown, for the component(s) for which they have the leading role. All member CCs will send their revisions and indicators for activities to the Coordinating Office not later than 15 October, 2007.
3. The full proposals with budget breakdowns will be added as Annexes to the Main MBDS 6 year action plan proposal.
4. The Coordinating Office will again revise the main MBDS 6 year action plan and send back to Country Coordinators for their EB’s suggestions and comments. The suggestions and comments will be returned to Coordinating Office.
5. The Coordinating Office, with the support of the technical advisor, will finalize the proposal before 30 October, 2007.
6. Final proposal will be submitted to all development partners during the 1st week of November.2007.
7. All meeting participants expressed their best wishes for good luck and much happiness Dr. Katherine Bond in her new assignment.
8. The next Country Coordinators Meeting is tentatively scheduled for the first week of February 2008.
The Coordinating Committee Meeting was adjourned at 16:30 PM, on the 9th of October, 2007
MBDS Country Coordinators’ Meeting 8th – 9th October 2007, Bangkok, Thailand
MBDS CC Meeting Show
MBDS Regional Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise 13th – 14th March 2007, Siem Reap, Cambodia
MBDS Regional Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise Show

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