Measles case, 23 cases confirmed in Taiwan

TAIWAN : Late last week, Taiwanese health officials announced one new indigenous measles case confirmed in a 19-year-old male who resides in Xinying District, Tainan City. The case history is as follows:
On October 8, the case sought medical attention at a clinic after experiencing sore throat, cough and yellow phlegm. On the next day, when his symptoms persisted and he developed rashes on his limbs, he sought further medical attention at a clinic on October 10 and then returned home. On October 11, when he was still experiencing discomfort, he sought medical assistance at a hospital and was placed in an isolation ward for treatment. Infection with measles was confirmed in the case after the hospital reported the suspected case to the health authority. As of now, the case has been discharged.

Since the case had not traveled overseas during the exposure period, it was determined the case is an indigenous case. Possible sources of investigation are still being investigated. According to the epidemiological investigation, the case had completed measles vaccination.

Thus far this year, a total of 29 measles cases have been confirmed in Taiwan, including 23 indigenous measles cases (19 were clustered cases who work at the same place, while 2 were clustered cases at a hospital) and 6 imported measles cases from China. During the same period last year, 21 measles cases were confirmed, including 4 indigenous cases and 17 imported cases (6 imported from China, 6 from the Philippines, 2 from Indonesia, 1 each from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Source @ Measles case, 23 cases confirmed in Taiwan

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