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MBDS Board Meeting & TTX in March 2016

MBDS XB Cross Sectoral TTX & MBDS Board Meeting on
23-24 March, 2016
at Lao Plaza Hotel, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR


MBDS Board meeting on 9' February, 2015 in Yangon, Myanmar

H.E Deputy Minister of Health, Myanmar opened the MBDS Board meeting and MBDS Executive Boards from member countries, representatives from Rockefeller Foundation and Skoll Global Threat Fund, health personnel from MoH Myanmar and MBDS Secretariat are at MBDS Board Meeting in Yangon, Myanmar on 9 February, 2015.

MBDS Secretariat visits to Tak Provincial Health Office

MBDS Secretariat paid a visit to Tak Provincial Health Office at Tak province in Thailand on 19th - 20th January, 2015

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