Plan to reduce malaria to 85% by 2020, MYANMAR

MYANMAR : Myanmar will try to reduce malaria outbreaks to 85 percent and mortality rate to 95 percent by 2020, according to the Public Health Department.

Two in 1,000 people suffer from malaria but 85 percent could have been reduced compared to 2012. Mortality rate is 0.04 percent in 100,000 malaria patients.

Moreover, the government is committed to creating a malaria-free country by 2030.

In 2016, there were 110,146 malaria cases with 21 deaths. Compared to the figures in 2012, malaria outbreaks were reduced to 77 percent and mortality rate to 91 percent, the Ministry of Health and Sports reported.

Currently, over 300 townships across the country are prone to malaria infection. Kachin and Rakhine States and Sagaing Region see most cases.

The Mekong region countries are planning to eliminate falciparum virus by 2025 after trying to discover the cause of drug-resistant malaria and to wipe out all the viruses of malaria by 2030.

Despite decreasing outbreaks in Myanmar, drug-resistant malaria is on the increase. Concerned authorities are therefore taking control measures.

Source @ Plan to reduce malaria to 85% by 2020, MYANMAR

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